25 October 2013

October 25th. Three quilts from Lynda in NSW.

These three gorgeous quilts arrived from Lynda in NSW today.  Two have machine embroidered animals and icons on them - delightful!  Thank you so much Lynda - they will be loved by the PNG babies.

18 October 2013

October 18th. Two quilts from California, USA.

Today I received two beautiful quilts from the other side of the world, from Kelli in California, USA.  I'll be taking photos of them in a day or two and will post them here.  But for now,  many thanks Kelli - it is very  kind of you to think of these little babies so far away from your own homeland.

Update:  here are Kelli's quilts -

8 October 2013

October 8th. Eight quilts from NSW.

This parcel of lovely warm bunny rugs and quilts arrived last week from a group of ladies in Macksville, NSW.  They do have an interesting name for themselves, but have asked me to refer to them as the Monday Morning Girls!  Thank you all very much ladies - these will be greatly appreciated by our PNG babies.