10 May 2014

May 9th. Two quilts.

One of the quilt donors last year was a lady who lives in country Victoria, and comes to Melbourne to visit her daughter who lives not far from me.  I received an email from Jane a few weeks ago telling me she had make some more quilts, and today we met up and she gave them to me.   Thanks again Jane - these are lovely.   I'm just sorry my photo doesn't do them justice, but the PNG babies will love them :-)

1 May 2014

1st May - another package of quilts

Another large Aust. Post satchel arrived today.  I've been out and about today and haven't even opened this one.  I have just had a look at the sender's name (at 11.45 pm) and it is from Lorraine Squires and her ladies in NSW - the same group who sent the 12 that arrived yesterday!
Looks like some serious photography sessions coming up this weekend...thanks girls!

Edited 6th May to include photos of 8 bunny rugs and quilts in the second parcel from Lorraine and her generous friends.