14 December 2013

Quilts on their way to PNG.

Seventy four quilts and bunny rugs are now on the first leg of the journey to the babies of Patea, Papua New Guinea. Yaso and her husband came to our place last night and collected them all. I'd packed them up into bags, and they just fitted into the back seat of their car. Yaso now has to organise for them all to be transported to Brisbane by next Wednesday, when they will be put into a container along with other goods, and shipped to PNG. She was very fortunate to have contact with a businessman who is willing to include the quilts in his container of commercial products, free of charge.

When she arrives there on January 9th, Yaso will collect the quilts from her agent and take them up into the hills to be distributed among the native tribes. The natives know about this and are looking forward to seeing our quilts, and Yaso will have one of her students with her to record the giving of each quilt to a mother and baby. She will pass these photos on to me, and I'll be able to publish them on this blog, so everyone can see who has received the quilt/s they have so kindly made.

I already have another four quilts still to be finished off, and more donations are in the pipeline. Yaso will be going to PNG again later next year, and will be able to take the next batch of quilts then.

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