12 February 2014

Explanation for photographs.

Tonight I received the following email from Yaso, in reply to my query about her photos.  Before she left, she said she was going to try to photograph each baby with its mother and the quilt they received.  This explains why that did not happen, and I know all our quilt donors will understand!

Gina, it was not possible to photograph each person with the quilt. Sorry. So many people came and then the Elders called out to those who were going to receive the quilts.  And I had thought that  I could photograph each person, but it was raining.  And so many people around, more than 500 - and then everyone wanting to talk to me and so forth. It took me so much effort to get everyone back together to get the group photo. 

Another 30 quilts - still in another village and they took it up by walking. But I could not get there as the bridge was swept away by landslide and rain. It would have meant walking for 15 hours.  So will do so next visit. The quilts will wait there until I get there. Hopefully, I will be able to photograph each one.

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  1. The photos don't matter, you can imagine the sense of excitement. My husband suggested a canvas bag with straps for carrying to transport the quilts next time.