19 June 2014

17th June - HUGE donation of quilts!

Above are photos of each individual quilt that Margaret in Mount Eliza (Vic) and one of her friends have been busy making  for our PNG babies.
She and her hubby very kindly brought them here, as they were en route to Healesville, not quite on the way, so it was very good of them to come here first.   Here is a photo of the bags they brought into the kitchen, to give you some idea of the number of quilts. Many heartfelt thanks to Margaret and her friend for such a generous donation of time and materials!


  1. Wow, what wonderful women to make so many quilts

  2. What generous women, in both time and money, and such a gorgeous variety! When does the next shipment go to PNG, do you know yet?

    1. Hi Stephanie,
      I asked Yaso the same question just last week! She plans to return to PNG in September, but this is subject to her other workloads. I will keep you posted on this blog.

  3. they're the best - I'm very lucky to be in a sewing group with them :)