19 March 2016

No further news, so alternate plans for quilts.

I still haven't spoken to Yaso, so I have no idea what has happened with that last batch of quilts, or if she wants to continue with this project.  In the meantime, anyone who reads this blog will know of the situation in Fiji, with so many people left homeless after the terrible hurricanes.  I have made contact with a lady in Sydney, who is collecting goods of all kinds to ship to Fiji.  I sent a 3 kg Post satchel of teeshirts, books, pencils and pens to her, which she said will be very useful to someone.  Try to imagine it - everything has been blown away....
I asked if she would be able to get quilts shipped over there, and she said she will try to find a way of getting quilts over there if I want to get them to her.  So, if anyone reading this is interested in doing a quilt or two (not full size of course - too expensive and bulky to post), but childrens  ones as before, leave a comment here or email me direct.

Update a week later.  After emailing Yaso, she replied almost immediately, to tell me she has taken half of the quilts on hand  to PNG and will take the rest on her next trip there around June or July.  She is happy for me to continue organising quilts for Fiji, as she works around the world's hot spots and fully understands the need for things like quilts in places where the people don't have much to call their own, through different circumstances.  She also told me about the plan the native women have for our quilts to raise money for their community school and hospital, so when I have all the details about that, I will post them here.

Just curious - is anybody still reading this blog?   Please leave a comment if you are, I would like to know if it is worthwhile keeping it going.


  1. Margaret Martin6 April 2016 at 11:47

    Regular reader, still interested and have quilts for you to send to either PNG or Fiji. Happy with either.

  2. Thanks Margaret! As soon as I find out more from the person who mentioned the Fiji project to me, I will post more info here.