2 September 2013

July 3. Request from Yaso to name each quilt.

I received an email from Yaso tonight in response to mine yesterday, showing her the first batch of quilts to arrive here.
Hi Gina,
could the quilt makers embroider their name, town & country on the side?? It would be so good for the recipients to know who they are and to have that on their quilts as well.
What I will attempt to do is also get the recipient's name - and also photo - and we can start to have a file of all these - for an exhibition/story down the track.
 I suggested to Yaso that I could make up labels on my computer, using a template so they are all the same, except for the individual's details.  This would be quick and easy for me to do, printing the labels onto fabric, and stitching them on to each quilt.  That way, they would all be easily identified as being made by this group of quilters from my blog, for whatever exhibition or story Yaso is thinking of doing.

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