2 September 2013

June 19. First two quilts are given to Patea babies.

Today I received an email from Yaso with photos showing the people in Papua New Guinea who were given the two quilts I gave Yaso for their babies.  Here is what she said, and her photos with the mothers and their babies are below.  What do they say - a picture is worth a thousand words? 
We asked in the first village  Akwanje for the most recent child born. The mother was still feeding the child as I gave her the quilt. She cried for a long time with happiness. 
Then we went to the next village Yakepa.  These two villages are so very remote and only a handful of outsiders have been there. Took me and my team more than 36 hours to get there (by truck). It was such a beautiful ceremony and the little ones were crying and then when I wrapped the  quilt around each, they started laughing and holding out their hand to me. The people loved the loving gift from someone who has known about them. They know your name - and send their gratitude. I will get the names of the children and the parents for you very soon. In the midst of so many things to respond to, I forgot to write them down.  One of the child (Yakepa)  has Albinism. More quilts would be glorious.

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