10 September 2013

September 10th. Twenty rugs from Mill Park, Vic.

Sue N who lives in Mill Park, an outer suburb of Melbourne - is one very generous lady!  She has made 4 quilts and 16 bunnyrug style wraps for our PNG babies!  Rather than photograph them all individually, I simply piled them on the floor to take one picture.  That does not make them any less appreciated than others that I have photographed individually!   Sue also gave me a huge bag full of fabrics cut into pieces ready to make up into more quilts.   I have thanked her in person of course, but want to acknowledge her kindness here as well - many thanks again, dear Sue - hope to catch up with you again soon!

When I collected these from Sue, we dropped into Savers, where I found two gorgeous little baby quilts for $3.99 each, so I snapped them up to give to Yaso :-)

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